Brian Clarke

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Brian is an experienced Personal Trainer who is fully insured and registered with Fitness Australia. His qualifications include:Personal Trainer Gold Coast

  • Diploma in Personal Training (OCR, UK)
  • Certificate IV in Fitness (FA, Aus)
  • Certified Boxing Instructor
  • Kettlebell Instructor
  • Mat-based Pilates Instructor

Brian is passionate about changing lives through building healthy bodies and minds.  He holds a PhD in Physiology and has a keen interest in the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries and the optimisation of sports performance from both a physiological and conditioning training perspective.

Other special interests include:

  • Balanced Bodybuilding and Toning
  • Optimal Weight Loss
  • Core Conditioning and Postural Correction
  • Strength and Plyometrics for Sports Performance
  • Long Distance Running Race Preparation
  • Advanced Sports Nutrition

Brian is the Gold Coast Fitness First Outdoor Instructor, currently running three 5.30am sessions per week at a variety of locations.  He is also in the process of launching a Tennis ‘Boot Camp’ Program, a Gold Coast first designed to improve the skills of both beginner and advanced players.

Contact Brian for more information on:

  • Gold Coast Tennis Boot Camps
  • Gold Coast Half Marathon Training Programs
  • Fitness First Outdoor Sessions
  • Bioage (determination of your biological age) and Body Fat Analysis
  • Personal Training Packages

Contact Brian for your Complimentary Personal Training Session

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