Outdoor Group Training Gold Coast

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Outdoor TrainingOutdoor Group Training brings all the benefits of training in the gym, to the Great Outdoors! This is not your standard ‘Biggest Loser’ style boot camp filled with long pointless runs, star jumps and crunches. The Excellent Fitness & Health Outdoor Program utilises unique equipment such as chains, ropes, car tyres, sand bags, fitness straps and power bands. You will never do the same session twice!  So if you’re sick of expensive gym memberships, join an Outdoor Group which doesn’t ‘follow the crowd’ and start exercising in the Gold Coast Sun!

Current Timetable:

All Sessions are 45 minutes in duration and are $10.00 per person. Wednesday and Friday sessions are Ladies Only Classes. The Outdoor Program is capped at six participants per session to ensure more individual attention.




5:40AM – 6:25AM




5:45PM – 6:30PM




Contact Luke Ryan for Further Information

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  1. Looking to come and try out one of your group fitness training sessions to see if its something I’d be interested in. Please let me know any necessary details. Thanks in advance.

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