Personal Trainer Mentorship Program

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The Mentorship Program is for Gold Coast Personal Trainer’s who are looking to advance their skills and work within a successful Personal Training Business. This service is available in either a Three, Six or Twelve Month Mentorship, which includes your profile in the ‘About’ section  of our website,  an email address (, development and all documents and templates that you will require to run a successful Personal Training Business.  The Mentorship includes theory, practical and business development.

Testimonial from Ian Cariaga (Strength & Conditioning Coach, Personal Training Manager, Advisory Board of Shape Magazine Australia)

As an authority in the Health and Fitness Industry, my experience with the Excellent Fitness & Health Mentorship Program has been nothing but positive. Luke’s dedication to his Apprentice Team is a direct result of the over achieving success of their client’s fitness goals. Luke’s extensive knowledge ranges from Functional Training, Strength and Conditioning, Kettlebells and Outdoor Training. This versatility has made Luke one of the most successful Personal Trainer’s on the Coast.

For Fitness Professionals who have recently graduated and are ready to embark upon a successful career as a Personal Trainer and/or Strength Coach, the Excellent Fitness & Health Mentorship Program will enable you to reach your optimal potential efficiently and safely. The in-depth one-on-one training will give you the confidence to take your clients to the next level.

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