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“It is with my pleasure that I introduce Luke Ryan! Luke has outstanding character and good product knowledge. I would like to thank Luke as I have now been training with him since 2009. The strength training that he has provided me has really improved my fitness and wellbeing. He is a truly professional trainer and has enormous people skills, particularly in listening to people’s needs. Training on a weekly basis has made an enormous difference to my health and busy real estate lifestyle.”

David Andrews

Real Estate Agent

“I have always been a regular gym member, however, this year I felt my training and motivation levels needed help. Luke designed a program for me, which was unlike what I had been doing and just what I needed! He has tailored everything towards achieving my health and fitness goals with his extensive knowledge and he is a constant source of support and encouragement. I’ve also joined Luke’s Outdoor Group Training Sessions and this has really pushed my fitness to a whole new level. Getting up at 5am is never an issue as I actually enjoy the sessions! There is always a great variety of exercises with lots of laughs along the way. During my time with Luke, I have struggled with an injury and he has gone above and beyond to help me adjust my training to still achieve maximum benefits. He always displays a positive attitude and is extremely committed to each and every one of his clients. Training with Luke has given me a whole new perspective on life. I am fitter and stronger, with more self confidence and the knowledge and motivation I have gained from him will be invaluable in years to come.”

Sandra Nixon

Sporting Groups Consultant

Luke Ryan has been my personal trainer for over a year and during this time we have formed a professional and friendly relationship. It is apparent that Luke enjoys what he does and this comes across in all of his appointments. He is always ready with a smile and an enthusiastic attitude. I have found Luke to be very knowledgeable in all aspects of health and fitness. He has gone to great lengths to make me more enthusiastic about my personal fitness and has prepared specific programs for me to follow. Luke’s ability to read people makes him a great trainer as he will push his clients to their limits in an unthreatening way. His confidence in your ability makes you feel more capable and able to push yourself physically. Luke also creates ‘out of the box’ exercises that make workouts seem like less work and more fun. Luke’s enthusiastic energy, positive attitude, extensive knowledge of the human body and ability to understand his client’s needs make him a great personal trainer.”

Kim Nyman

School Teacher

“Luke Ryan has been training me for several years now and he never ceases to come up with new and exciting ways to train. He is innovative, very diligent, thoughtful and just a great bloke. He is always well prepared and has an incredible knowledge of health and the science of the human body. He is a joy to work with.”

Robert Hooke

“At 49 I was very overweight and disliked any sort of effort involved in keeping fit or any type of exercise. I had a very big wake up call when it was difficult to touch my toes, I couldn’t shop for ‘normal’ sized clothing and felt tired just walking up a flight of stairs. I decided to give Personal Training a go and chose to train with Joe. What I found was he was extremely supportive and motivated me to do things I never thought I could do. It didn’t matter that I was extremely unfit as there were different levels to each exercise and I appreciated the encouragement from Joe. I couldn’t run 100 metres when I started, now I can run 3-4km with ease and I also participated in the 10km Bridge to Brisbane this year, which was a huge accomplishment. The exercises we did made sure that all of our muscles got a work out and the increase in my core strength has assisted in giving me a pain free lower back.

Joe has kick started my weight loss journey and a total change of lifestyle and I will be continuing to train with him because I enjoy the way he conducts his sessions and he has helped transform me from a fat and lazy 49 year old to a thinner, fitter and a lot happier almost 50 year old. I have lost 16kg over the last 12 weeks and have another 6 months to reach my goal weight and by continuing to attend Personal Training sessions with Joe it will make that goal much easier to reach.”

Vicki Leslie

General Manager

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